Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Mentoring Services

School-Based Mentor Program

"Those of us involved in the Everyday Heroes campaign believe the true worth of a community is measured in how it invests in the lives of its children. We believe a city blessed with our good fortune ought to provide a mentor to every single student who needs one."
- Randell Beck, Mentor

School-Based Mentor Program

Lutheran Social Services Mentoring Services empower youth to succeed by establishing trusting relationships with adult volunteers. Mentors have a significant impact on youth by providing guidance and developing consistent, long-term friendships. LSS operates two distinct programs.

Why Mentor?

Mentoring builds positive behaviors in children, including:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved academic skills, attendance, and social development
  • Greater awareness of the importance of education
  • Heightened sense of citizenship and character development
  • Better understanding of trusting relationships
  • Increased confidence

The mentoring relationship is rewarding for adults. It can be a way to learn more about yourself and experience the joy of seeing a child grow and change because you were there to help. Businesses value our mentoring programs because they provide an opportunity for employees to make an impact on the community. Teachers and counselors value mentoring because it brings community members into the schools, making education real for children and showing young people that the community cares about them.