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Mentor Program Announces Mentor of the Year, Community Partner of the Year

Lutheran Social Services School-Based Mentor Program honored Sioux Empire residents who volunteer as mentors with a breakfast on Wednesday, April 20. At the event, the Citibank Mentor of the Year, the First Premier/Premier Bankcard Community Partner of the Year and the Mentor Rookie of the Year awards were presented. First Premier/Premier Bankcard was named the Community Partner of the Year, Michelle Raasch was selected as the Mentor of the Year and Garrett Wilson won the Rookie of the Year Award.

First Premier/Premier Bankcard provides encouragement and support to its employees who mentor. Their employees are some of the most dependable and best mentors in our community. Michelle Raasch, an employee at Wells Fargo, has mentored the same student for the past seven years. The student says Raasch is a “role model and someone I look up to.” Wilson, who works for Children’s Care Hospital and School, is matched with a student enrolled in the Bridges Program. His student counts Garrett as one of the most important people in his life.

For additional information about the mentor program, please call the School-Based Mentor Program 221-2403 or email

Last year, more than 56,000 lives were touched through a variety of services offered through LSS statewide. In addition to the School-Based Mentor Program, core services offered by LSS include preschool, adoption, birth parent counseling, foster care, after-school and summer programs, disaster response, consumer credit counseling, residential services for youth, refugee and immigration services, rural life ministries, affordable housing and mental health counseling. LSS serves people of all ages, races, faiths and economic levels with professional, confidential and affordable services. LSS is licensed by the State of South Dakota and accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services.