Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Interpreter Services

Community Interpreter Service promotes cultural and language communication by making available interpreters who are well-trained, unbiased, objective and confidential.

The LSS Community Interpreter Service is available to individuals and organizations who serve people with limited English skills. Such organizations include community service providers, employers, hospitals, schools and law enforcement. Services include:

  • On-site Interpretation

    The interpreter works with the client in person. The meeting is pre-arranged at a time and location convenient for the client.

  • Video and Audio Remote Services

    This platform allows access to Web chat, e-mail, video relay service, TTY, fax and more. Video remote interpreting uses a video and audio connection along with high-speed internet to bring an interpreter into any situation in a timely manner.

  • Written Translation

    LSS interpreters are able to translate legal documentation, employee handbooks, leases, employee notices and more.

  • Message Relay

    The client can send a message which requires confirmation of receipt or notice of appointment through LSS.

  • Telephone or Conference Call

    Interpretation is managed via telephone.

Key Elements

Interpreter Services
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