Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Family-Based Counseling

Lutheran Social Services' Family-Based Services helps families who may be at risk of having a child placed outside the home. LSS Family-Based Services provides an intensive in-home therapy program to strengthen the family unit. The program is designed for at risk families who are referred to LSS by a child service agency. Family-Based Services are available to children ages 5 to 18 and their families.

At LSS, Family-Based Services treats families with respect and highly individualized care. Goals and interventions for treatment are created together by the child, family and a LSS therapist using family strengths as a catalyst for change. The specific goals and interventions used are based on the wants and needs of the family as well as a thorough assessment by the therapist. Individualized treatment may include: cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and numerous family therapy methods.

LSS therapists are trained to use a family-centered approach to help define problems the child or family is experiencing. Some of the most common skills-building goals and techniques are: improve family communication patterns, enhance parenting skills, identify and work with family strengths and weaknesses, enhance problem-solving techniques, increase support systems, improve school and social performance.

Aspects to Family-Based Services

Eligibility Requirements

  • Child/youth (one or more) is in imminent danger of being removed from the home.
  • Situation where the youth is adjudicated to be a juvenile delinquent or Child In Need of Supervision (CHINS).
  • Family situation is such that one or more younger siblings are being affected by the behavior and problems of another family member.
  • Family should have received previous help, or efforts attempted with other types of service.
  • The program is designed for at risk families who are referred to LSS by a child service agency.