Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Making a Plan

Making A Plan For Your Child, Birth Parent Services

Through the adoption process, the birth parent will be given the opportunity to make a detailed adoption plan which best meets their individual needs. LSS offers a wide range of options within each adoption plan.

There are many different levels of contact. Some birth parents and adoptive parents do not meet or exchange identifying information with one another. The records and information are kept confidential at the request of the birth parents.

Other birth parents and adoptive parents have communication through a third party intermediary, usually an agency. Letters and pictures are exchanged and they may have limited on-going supervised contact. They may or may not exchange identifying information.

In most cases, birth parents choose to share identifying information with the adoptive family. The adoptive parents and birth parents meet and form an on-going direct relationship without the need for third party intermediary. They build a relationship with one another in order to continue to have involvement throughout the child's life. The type and frequency of contact is mutually agreed upon by the birth parents and adoptive parents with the best interest of the child being primary consideration. In open adoptions, the birth parents and adoptive parents typically begin to build a relationship prior to the child being born. The relationship has been likened to that of distant relatives.

  • Birth parents select the family for their child. Birth parents can meet the adoptive parents, ask questions and spend time together to help in getting to know each other.
  • Birth parents continue to build a relationship with adoptive parents by having on-going personal contact as the child grows, not just letters and pictures through an agency.
  • Birth parents are available to the adoptive family as the child grows and has questions only the birth parent can answer.
  • The child will always be able to give a full medical history when needed.
  • Birth parents will know the child is being taken care of appropriately by the family you chose to place for adoption.

LSS believes in providing quality adoptive services. All adoptive parents through LSS have been trained and educated on all forms of the adoptive relationship.

Regardless of your decision regarding the relationship most comfortable for you, your child will grow up knowing of your love, sacrifice and reasons why you chose to place for adoption.