Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Education Services

To promote self-sufficiency, LSS Center for New Americans provides a variety of educational services for refugees and immigrants.

Classes are free to refugees and immigrants who hold an immigrant visa. A tuition-based program is available to adults holding non-immigrant visas. For details, contact the LSS Center for New Americans at 605-731-2000.

  • English As A Second Language

    A complete schedule of English language classes is provided. Students at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of English proficiency study and improve their ability to communicate in the United States.

    English Language Training: It has been said that English proficiency is the key that opens doors to many opportunities in the United States. The English language program at LSS is dedicated to helping refugees and immigrants improve their English skills so that they will be able to open the doors to achieve their short and long-term goals. The ultimate goal of English language training is to attain family self-sufficiency.

    English language training at LSS is a life-skills, competency-based program. All classes include listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing, spelling and grammar within the context of real life situations.

    The program is open entry so students are enrolled in an appropriate English class soon after registration. Child care is available for infants and pre-school children so that all parents may attend classes. Classes are offered many different times of the day so that refugees can continue to pursue long term goals through improved English language proficiency while they are employed. In general, every effort is made to ensure that English language training opportunities are available to all refugee and immigrant adults.

  • Orientation for Adults and Young Adults

    Orientation is provided to refugees enrolled in services at the LSS Center for New Americans. These classes give information about U.S. culture, local practices, and procedures. Classes are scheduled frequently to provide the basic information as soon as possible upon arrival in the United States.

  • Computer Instruction

    Computer Instruction is provided to refugees and immigrants enrolled in services at the Center for New Americans. Basic computer instruction starts at the very beginning. No previous computer experience is expected. Students learn basic computer operations including using the mouse, opening and closing programs, and basic word processing skills. In addition, students can use specific English learning software to practice and improve their English skills.

  • Pre-Employment Training

    Basic pre-employment training is included in orientation classes. A more advanced pre-employment class called "Work Styles" is offered on an as-needed basis for refugees with intermediate to advanced levels of English proficiency.

  • Citizenship Preparation classes are offered quarterly. These classes provide direct instruction and practice for individuals who have applied or plan to apply for citizenship. The citizenship preparation classes help students practice for the citizenship test and interview. Classes also provide information about United States history and government, as well as typical citizenship interview questions.