This Campaign Changes Lives

Since the beginning of LSS, it’s always been about strengthening individuals, families and communities.

Imagine a high school student in the mentoring program... Her family lives paycheck to paycheck in a one-bedroom apartment. Her mentor helps keep her focused on graduation, but knows she is capable of more.

  • Now imagine her learning how to budget and manage her money through financial counseling and applying for financial aid and student loans. This young woman, who might have been content living paycheck to paycheck, now realizes her life can be different.

Imagine a couple who came in for marital counseling... who learns that finances are the root of the majority of their arguments.

  • Now imagine that couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary after paying off their debt and saving for a fun trip.

Imagine a refugee new to South Dakota... learning English as a second language and obtaining her citizenship.

  • Now imagine the possibility of entrepreneur education and what it takes to open an ethnic restaurant in downtown Sioux Falls.

Changing lives right here in our community begins with The Campus on East Bank!

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