LSS Incorporates Crowdfunding to Raise Money for Playground Equipment

The cost of raising money for needed projects is growing. To make the best use of financial resources, LSS turned to Wheatridge Ministries WeRaise program to raise money for playground equipment at their Southern Hills Childcare and Education location in Sioux Falls. “The purpose of Wheatridge Ministries is unique,” said Heather DeWit, Director of LSS Childcare & Education Services. “It allows nonprofit organizations with faith-based missions like LSS to do Crowdfunding without additional overhead expenses.”

Crowdfunding is typically used to fund a project by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically through the internet and social media like Facebook and Twitter to spread the word.

Organizations establish a fundraising goal. If the goal is not met, donors are not charged. For example the goal for the needed playground equipment is $6,500 by July 31. Contributions are being sought from the program’s families and other stakeholders.

Current playground equipment is aging and with that comes extensive repairs to keep it safe for the children. The kids say it best “We love to play outside! Even in the winter, which is pretty cold in South Dakota. Our playground is 10 years old, which is way older than most of us. When our playground started, there were 30 kids at Southern Hills. Now there are 200!”

Again, children say it best, “We would like to raise money to build a bigger playground with enough swings, slides, climbing places and tetherballs. It would be good to have a layer of soft stuff on the ground for when we fall off. Playing outside is fun, but we know that it’s good for us too. We need lots of active play for our bodies to be healthy, and it helps our brains learn better.”

At LSS Childcare and Education Services, it’s important for youth to have choices and the kids at Southern Hills wanted to make a video to show it best,” said DeWit. “It’s adorable. Check it out!”

Last year, more than 56,000 lives were touched through a variety of services offered through LSS statewide. In addition to the Childcare and Education Services, core services offered by LSS include adoption, pregnancy counseling, foster care, kinship services, disaster response, mental health counseling, Fatherhood & Families, Center for Financial Resources, residential services for children and youth, detention alternatives, independent living services for young adults, mentoring, Center for New Americans and affordable housing. LSS serves people of all ages, races, faiths and economic levels with professional, confidential and affordable services. LSS services are licensed by the State of South Dakota and accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

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