Payment Options Available for Those Facing Post-Holiday Debt

Payment Options Available for Those Facing Post-Holiday Debt

Financial Counseling Services for Those Struggling With Payments

As the credit card bills begin to arrive in their mailbox, consumers should be sure to check the ‘Minimum Payment Warning’ that is required to be included. Depending on the level of debt, minimum payment amount, and annual percentage rate (APR), some card holders may find making only minimum payments may stretch their payments out 30 years or more. Given the trend of increased spending during the holidays, this may place an increased amount of stress on individuals facing large amounts of debt.

The Center for Financial Resources (CFR) provides counseling and education to assist consumers in making the best choices for their situation. “So many people are simply overwhelmed by the total amount of debt that they are facing. We help them consider the variety of options they may have available to deal with their debt. We like to help remove some of the stress from the situation as our clients see the possibilities for their future,” says Breck Miller, Community Relations Coordinator for CFR. For a review of their debt and payment options, individuals may call CFR at 605-330-2700 to schedule an appointment.

Lutheran Social Services is a private non-profit social service agency. Last year, 50,700 lives were touched through a variety of services offered through LSS statewide. Core services offered by LSS include adoption, pregnancy counseling, foster care, kinship services, childcare & education, disaster response, mental health counseling, Fatherhood & Families, Center for Financial Resources, residential services for children & youth, detention alternatives, independent living services for young adults, mentoring, Better Together, and Center for New Americans. LSS serves people of all ages, races, faiths and economic levels with professional, confidential and affordable services. LSS services are licensed by the State of South Dakota and accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

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