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New Childcare & Education Program Opening August 16, Sioux Falls

Lutheran Social Services is opening a new east-side Infant/Toddler Enrichment Classroom August 16. The program will be open to 15 children ages four weeks through three years and is an addition to our current preschool and after-school curriculum.

The new classroom is a unique type of care and learning that optimizes the ability of young children to learn and develop. Care is personalized and based on each child's temperament, interests and learning styles. Learning opportunities for children are based on infant and toddler brain development research. Some program components include:

• Baby Sign Language assists children in early communication and to enhance verbal and social development.

• An online product called Teaching Strategies Gold helps degreed teachers be intentional in their teaching by accurately pinpointing where children are in their development and learning. This system also allows parents immediate access to reports that show their child's development and activities.

• "Angel Care" movement monitors in cribs give parents peace of mind as their child sleeps.

• Intensive staff interaction and parent involvement make the connections that help little ones learn and grow.

Last year, more than 54,000 lives were touched through a variety of services offered through LSS statewide. In addition to the childcare and education programs, core services offered by LSS include mentoring, adoption, birth parent counseling, foster care, disaster response, consumer credit counseling, residential services for youth, refugee and immigration services, rural life ministries, affordable housing and mental health counseling. LSS serves people of all ages, races, faiths and economic levels with professional, confidential and affordable services. LSS is licensed by the State of South Dakota and accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

For more information or to enroll your infant or toddler call Heather DeWit, Program Director, Southern Hills Infant/Toddler Enrichment Program, Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota, 605-371-8770, or email

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