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Seljeskogs Honored As Outstanding Philanthropists

Dr. Edward (Ed) and Margaret (Peg) Seljeskog of Rapid City were honored September 22 as Outstanding Philanthropists as part of the 2011 Governor’s Awards for Philanthropy. “We were pleased and honored to nominate Ed and Peg Seljeskog,” said Betty Oldenkamp, President of Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota. “They are a wonderful couple – both hard workers, respected in their professions and totally dedicated to making the community, state, country and world a better and more compassionate place to live.”

Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota
The Seljeskogs have contributed to the LSS annual fund for more than 13 years, played a leadership role in a gift for the capital campaign, Changing Children’s Lives, and were instrumental in the success of the West River Fundraising Benefit Events over the past years. “When the world is turning its back on those in need, love creates a place for them to succeed. When others are ready to give up, love takes children in and helps them grow. When individuals are on the edge, love intervenes and helps them thrive. Where the misery of war and persecution reigns, love extends a healing hand. Peg and Ed Seljeskog are examples of this love,” said Oldenkamp.

Calvary Lutheran Church, Rapid City
Ed and Peg’s love also is evident as active members of Calvary Lutheran Church in Rapid City. They volunteered to be leadership donors and stewardship leaders for the recently completed capital campaign. The Seljeskogs continue to follow through the expansion by creating a welcoming environment. As the church fed and educated more than 500 individuals every Wednesday night last year, it wasn’t uncommon to see Ed and Peg up to their armpits in dishes, pots and pans. “The Seljeskogs are visionaries and support their visions with leadership and action,” said Pastor Dwight Stensgaard, Calvary Lutheran Church. “They have shared their vision, leadership and action in all aspects of Calvary’s mission and ministry including three major capital campaigns to fund the new church facility. The Seljeskogs are inspirational.”

WAVI (Working Against Violence, Inc.)
Peg’s inspiration was instrumental in the capital campaign for WAVI (Working Against Violence, Inc.) in Rapid City. Her drive, leadership and vision developed a state of the art center for abused women and children. She set her heart and mind to the cause and it stands today to welcome the beaten and downtrodden. “Ed and Peg Seljeskog lead by example. They are generous not only with their financial resources, but also with their time. They have a genuine interest and commitment to helping the underprivileged and those in need. They truly want to make the community in which they live a better place for all of us,” said Kurt Solay, Rapid City attorney.

United States Armed Forces
Their commitment extends beyond our borders. Over the years, Peg has served the wounded warriors as they were medevaced from the heat of battle in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. She volunteers at the military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany. As a retired nurse from the US Navy, she has medical skills and readily gives to the men and women of our Armed Forces. She also involves local congregations in making comfort pillows and quilts to donate. Ed also travels to Minneapolis to work at one of the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers. He is committed to helping the veterans of our country in solving their medical issues. “With her service of Christian love, Peg truly puts herself into this work as a little Christ to all the wounded warriors returning from the front lines of war as she brings a gift of home, hope and humor to these young men and women,” said Herbert B. Cleveland, Retired, Chief, Chaplain Service, Department of Veterans Affairs.

Children’s Home Society
Together, Ed and Peg have played a big part in the success and growth of the Children’s Home Society. They provided leadership gifts to two different building campaigns, with major gifts to endowment, and many years of annual gifts for ongoing operations. Their contributions to the CHS include a significant gift to a scholarship fund to help with higher education needs for CHS kids without family resources. Peg also served two terms each as a board member for Children’s Home Society and Children’s Home Foundation, serving as Board President in 1999-2000.

Oldenkamp summarizes, “Ed and Peg Seljeskog are truly great citizens of our state. They live their lives as examples for others to follow. Ed and Peg are truly deserving of the Outstanding Philanthropists award as part of the 2011 Governor’s Awards for Philanthropy.”

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