Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Success Stories

Adoption Services: Mark & Teri

Can you imagine what that first call is like?

Mark and Teri from Brookings can. Three months after completing their adoption homestudy, they were waving goodbye to guests when the phone rang. Teri ran into the house and snatched up the phone. Her fingers began to shake when she saw the caller id. It was a Lutheran Social Services adoption worker calling. She had good news: they had been chosen by a birth mother. She was going to be a mom!

Whether an adoption was finalized last month or last decade, the memory of that first call stays with an adoptive parent for a lifetime. One simple phone call can change a life.

For more than 85 years, LSS has found families for children, counseled birth parents, and offered services for children who have been adopted. In fact, LSS was the first child placement agency listed in South Dakota. Through the years, our loving service in South Dakota has been multiplied many times because of people like Mark and Teri who open their hearts to a child in need.