Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota

Success Stories

Foster Care: Logan

It is never easy being homeless, but it is really tough when you are 13 years old. That was the situation facing Logan and his two brothers. Logan had been the primary care giver for his siblings for several years because his parents worked long hours. He made dinner, checked homework, and told bedtime stories. In the morning, he got everyone on the school bus.

When a storm destroyed the family's home, his parents could not get back on their feet. They lost everything. The family sought shelter with relatives and lived in some truly horrific situations before the boys were placed in foster care.

One of Logan's brothers contracted MRSA due to untreated head lice at home. Access to food was limited by locks on the kitchen cabinets so the boys often went hungry. Logan tried to continue looking out for his brothers, but at thirteen, there was not much he could do.

"I felt bad 'cuz they were counting on me," he says.

When Logan arrived at his LSS foster home, he was slow to trust. He refused to go to school. After a while, however, Logan noticed something different. "I knew it would be ok once I saw the food wasn't locked up," he said.

Logan went from hating school to getting good grades. With the encouragement of his foster parents, he began developing good relationships with teachers and other students. He joined the basketball team, and this fall, Logan is welcoming new students to his school as an official "ambassador."

"Logan needed to regain those important years of a missed childhood," says Linda Nelson, director of the Foster Care Program. "He needed to learn that he could trust others to care for his brothers. He needed to be a kid again."