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LSS responds to changing needs in South Dakota communities. LSS touched the lives of South Dakotans 48,690 times last year with a variety of services statewide. LSS is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, a ministry of the South Dakota Synod, ELCA, a member of Lutheran Services in America, a United Way agency and licensed by the State of South Dakota.

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LSS Center for Financial Resources
Breck Miller, Community Relations Coordinator

June is National Home Ownership Month.  That’s a mouthful in and of itself.  If you read deeper, however, I think it’s a pretty loaded phrase.  Look at just one of the words – ‘home’.  How would you define home?  Traditionally, it is the single-family home with a white picket fence.  Yeah, you know the kind. […]

LSS Center for New Americans
Heather Glidewell, ESL InstructorHeather Glidewell, ESL Instructor

Here are a few more tips I learned from my students over the past couple of months while discussing health care. Home Stomachache Remedies   Stomachaches plague both the young and old.  Perhaps we eat the wrong food or catch a nasty bug.  Maybe we are just stressed out.  Regardless, dealing with a stomachache can […]

LSS Mentoring Services
Michelle Madsen, Director

The results of the 2018-19 survey of school personnel about the LSS Mentor Program.

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