Strengthening Individuals, Families & Communities

LSS responds to changing needs in South Dakota communities. LSS touched the lives of South Dakotans 48,690 times last year with a variety of services statewide. LSS is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, a ministry of the South Dakota Synod, ELCA, a member of Lutheran Services in America, a United Way agency and licensed by the State of South Dakota.

News & Events

Mentoring Services Post by Michelle Madsen As we are quickly entering the third month of 2019, many have already Kondo’d their possessions, made fewer visits to the gym each week or have blown their budget goals. If you have already broken your resolution, or maybe did not even make one, LSS has something you can […]

LSS Center for New Americans
Lindy Obach, ESL Teacher

Well, the deep freeze has hit us here in Sioux Falls, and for many of our students, this type of frigid weather is a new experience. In my advanced speaking class, we are studying poetry, and when my students were asked to think of something they were afraid of, many of them answered, “Cold weather!” […]

LSS Mentoring Services
Michelle Madsen, Director

Valentine’s Day may be the day of love, but there are ample opportunities to find something you love everyday of the year. Today, we want to tell you about a new mentor who attended a Mentor Try-It Lunch in January. When she was least expecting it (volunteering over her lunch hour), she fell in love. […]

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