Strengthening Individuals, Families & Communities

LSS responds to changing needs in South Dakota communities. LSS touched the lives of South Dakotans 48,690 times last year with a variety of services statewide. LSS is accredited by the Council on Accreditation, a ministry of the South Dakota Synod, ELCA, a member of Lutheran Services in America, a United Way agency and licensed by the State of South Dakota.

News & Events

Is English Pronunciation Really That Hard? Yes, it is! Just ask Ricky Ricardo. He will demonstrate to you the many pitfalls of English pronunciation here! I am a big fan of ‘I Love Lucy’ and I have watched this clip many times and I still laugh so hard every time I see it. It is funny […]

If you caught it, last week we started a two-part blog on the differences between debt settlement and debt management.  Often confused even by those in the industry, I wanted to talk about the differences.  You can find part one of this blog here. Let me be clear.  I may have a definite preference between […]

It was a joyous day for many students at the Center for New Americans as they celebrated their achievements at the end of the quarter. Over a three month period, 70 students graduated out of at least one level of English.  Students and teachers celebrated with an award ceremony, food, music, and speeches. During one […]

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