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Campaign for Hope

For nearly a 100 years, LSS has served in partnership with individuals, families, churches, organizations, businesses, communities and the South Dakota Synod, ELCA. And we look forward to the celebrations of life and the spirit of hope as we enter into the next century of human service.

Inspired by God's love, we believe our work today creates possibilities for those we serve.
Betty Oldenkamp, LSS President/CEO

As we move forward, the Campaign for Hope will fund much needed capital investments in Aberdeen, Rapid City and Spearfish, as well as the Campus on East Bank in Sioux Falls. The Campaign for Hope also will establish an Endowment for Sustainable Families which will ensure successful continuation of LSS Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services into the next century.

Endowment for Sustainable Families (click for details)

Aberdeen (click for details in the Northeast Region)
New Beginnings: kitchen, occupational therapy, outdoor recreation
Endowment to fund local capital needs

Rapid City & Spearfish (click for details in the Western Region)
New Alternatives: occupational therapy, outdoor recreation
Canyon Hills Center: dining room, outdoor recreation
Regional office: remodel
Endowment to fund local capital needs

Sioux Falls (click for details in the Southeast Region)
Remodel and finance 2nd floor to accommodate multiple
services and statewide administration

Statewide (click for details)
Evidenced-based practice training fund

Hope--Hospitality that is comforting and welcoming
Opportunities to access services with ease
Possibility for happiness and peace of mind
Embraced without judgment

Betty Oldenkamp, LSS President/CEO

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