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A Century of Hope in South Dakota

LSS has brought hope to South Dakotans' for nearly 100 years. Responding to the changing human needs across our state, LSS has created a century of brighter futures. LSS is one of the largest and most diverse private, non-profit, human service agencies in South Dakota.

Today, LSS is a pillar of our state---reliable, stable, and strong----bringing hope to thousands of people from centers located in Aberdeen, Rapid City and Sioux Falls. Your support allows LSS to respond to the ever-changing needs in our communities, bringing solutions, people and resources. LSS provides services that care for, support and strengthen individuals, families and communities.

LSS is setting the course to serve South Dakota well into a second century by creating a central campus that will lead statewide services. This will allow more funds for direct services and a technology infrastructure that will reach rural communities in our state.

I believe in LSS because of the agency's long-term and ongoing commitment to social ministry.
Malcom Chapman, LSS Governing Board of Directors, Rapid City

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