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Endowment for Sustainable Families — $1,000,000

In 1920, LSS was formed in partnership with the Lutheran Church to provide a home for unwed mothers, the Lutheran House of Mercy. In establishing the Lutheran House of Mercy those early supporters helped create what we now know as LSS Adoption Services. Since the beginning, LSS has helped place more than 4,120 children in adoptive homes. Children like Katie’s son.

Katie is a confident, mature young woman. She is also a mom who has put her son’s needs before her own, which is the most profound definition of motherhood. At the age of 17, Katie was pregnant. Her initial excitement turned to concern when faced with the reality of the situation. She explored her options and made a decision that was best for her son.

Katie’s decision to make an adoption plan led her to LSS. After working with our counselor, and reviewing potential adoptive families, she found one that touched her heart.

As part of the birth plan, Katie planned for her son’s adoptive parents to be at the hospital soon after he was born. She was able to spend time alone with him, and her parents were able to hold their grandchild. Katie also had the honor of choosing his middle name.

Katie’s son is now a toddler and they see each other three to four times a year. “I’m always thinking about my son. It’s important to stay connected, so he knows I love him.’

Honoring Hope

Katie is one of many young people who reach out to LSS Pregnancy Counseling and Adoption Services. Our counselors provide free, confidential options counseling, to help sort through all the details and provide accurate information, and to help parents make the best decision for themselves and their child.

LSS is committed to continuing free, non-judgmental pregnancy counseling across the state of South Dakota. Currently we operate this service at a loss. To sustain this valuable service, we have established an Endowment for Sustainable Families which will provide an annual distribution to help cover the cost of working with young people like Katie.

I felt a lot of pressure to parent. Everyone said they would help, but I knew that it was my responsibility alone.
Katie, client
LSS Pregnancy Counseling

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