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Hope in the Northeast Region — $300,000

The Heart of New Beginnings — $150,000

It is said that the heart of any home is the kitchen, and this is certainly true of New Beginnings Center in Aberdeen. The kitchen is not just a canteen preparation area for the 18 youth served in group care, it is also a classroom. Being mindful of good food storage, food preparation and healthy nutrition are essential life skills that prepare youth for living on their own.

Currently, the kitchen needs major updates to maintain food safety standards and create a space that is welcoming. The cabinetry is in disrepair and needs replacement, and the addition of a walk-in freezer and walk-in cooler would vastly improve food storage and preparation, and ensure our youth are being taught best standards in food safety.


Recreation space and Occupational Therapy — $50,000

Everyone needs physical activity to burn energy and be healthy. Positive fitness and recreation habits are essential building blocks when working with youth at NBC. The addition of an outdoor recreation area would provide great space for youth to enjoy and learn.

Many of the youth served at NBC have sensory issues related to their mental health needs, some are easily agitated and have difficulty calming as a result of a history of abuse and trauma. An occupational therapy room would promote the use of sensory tools to calm and improve coping skills. This helps avoid explosive episodes which put the youth and others in danger.

Northeast Region Capital Needs Endowment — $100,000

The much needed updates and maintenance of our facilities in the northeast region are projects that are often deferred. The establishment of a Northeast Region Capital Needs Endowment would provide consistent and sustaining funding to better manage those needs. An endowment of $100,000 would initially provide an annual distribution of approximately $5,000 to ensure that maintenance needs are met.

Having a walk-in freezer and a walk-in cooler would be amazing. Also, having one pantry for all food storage would be perfect.
Dixie Garrett, chef
LSS New Beginnings Center

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