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Hope in the Western Region — $250,000

Dining & Outdoor Recreation at Canyon Hills — $50,000

Mealtime can be a spiritual experience. It is a time for slowing down and reflecting on the day. At Canyon Hills Center in Spearfish, it is also a time for socialization and learning for the youth. The dining area needs updates to help maintain a safe and secure experience for our youth.

Everyone needs physical activity to burn energy and be healthy. Positive fitness and recreation habits are essential building blocks when working with youth at Canyon Hills. The addition of an outdoor recreation area would provide space for youth to enjoy and learn.

Occupational Therapy & Recreation at New Alternatives — $50,000

Just as the youth at Canyon Hills Center could benefit from some additional outdoor recreation space, our young adults at New Alternatives could greatly benefit from a similar space. Currently, the young adults at New Alternatives utilize a basketball court that doubles as a parking lot.

The young adults at New Alternatives would also greatly benefit from an occupational therapy room that would promote the use of sensory tools to calm and improve coping skills, helping to avoid explosive episodes which put the youth and others in danger, and put the youth at risk of losing their place in the apartment setting.

Counseling Center Refurbishment — $50,000

Counseling Services on Sheridan Lake Drive in Rapid City is at full capacity with staff sharing counseling office space. Counselors currently double up on office space to fulfill appointments. Refurbishing and re-configuring the existing space to meet demands will ensure professional and confidential delivery of service.

Western Region Capital Needs Endowment — $100,000

The much needed updates and maintenance of our facilities in the western region are projects that are often deferred. The establishment of a Western Region Capital Needs Endowment would provide consistent and sustaining funding to better manage those needs. An endowment of $100,000 would initially provide an annual distribution of approximately $5,000 to ensure that maintenance needs are met.

Physical activity and sensory therapy can stop aggression in its tracks and would benefit programs like New Alternatives and Canyon Hills Center.
Nora Boesem, therapist

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