The Need in South Dakota is Great

People in every community and in every corner of our state are suffering for a variety of reasons and circumstances. People of all ages, faiths and income levels. People of a variety of ancestry and skin tones. Most are quietly suffering alone. They may be struggling with grief, a mental health issue, their finances, an abusive situation or an addiction. They may have made some bad decisions along the way and can’t seem to make it right, or may be experiencing life circumstances that are beyond their control. There is hope that tomorrow will be better.

  • Imagine being in a small rural town, getting your second DUI and being court ordered for substance abuse services. You are an hour or more away from the nearest provider.
  • Imagine a family member devastated by a natural disaster. Once the initial cleanup was done, where did everyone go?
  • Imagine a couple contemplating divorce as the only solution to their fighting. What now?
  • Imagine a college graduate overwhelmed with fear and anxiety unable to understand their debt and options.
  • Imagine a neighbor, quietly struggling with an addiction, isolating themselves from their community and struggling to keep their job.
  • Imagine a local business owner debating closing the doors because he can’t find qualified workers.

LSS has a tradition of creating and developing opportunities for those we serve.  They become self-sufficient, better equipped to provide for themselves and their families. They contribute to society and make a positive impact on their community.


LSS brought back something in me that I thought was dead. LSS revived my hope—for the future, for my education, for my rights as a person to grow, work, and sustain myself and my family. a client

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