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The Need in South Dakota is Great

People in every community and in every corner of our state are suffering for a variety of reasons and circumstances. People of all ages, faiths and income levels. People of a variety of ancestry and skin tones. Most are quietly suffering alone. They may be struggling with grief, a mental health issue, their finances, an abusive situation or an addiction. They may have made some bad decisions along the way and can’t seem to make it right, or may be experiencing life circumstances that are beyond their control. But, there is hope that tomorrow will be better.

Felix Ngirabkuinzi, a former refugee, was resettled to Sioux Falls in the spring of 2016. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Felix fled his home after rebels broke into his village and slaughtered members of his family. On this day Felix became a refugee, a life he describes as one “without the promise of a future.”

In 2009, he made his way to a refugee camp in Uganda where he would live separated from his family for two years. Once reunited with his wife and children, they started the process to be resettled. In 2016, seven years after leaving his home country, Felix and his family were resettled to Sioux Falls.

Describing the resettlement process, Felix said that arriving in America “I discovered that which I thought was dead.” The welcome bestowed to him and his family, a direct result of your support, helped resurrect his hope.

Now with a future restored and hope regained, Felix is thriving. He and his family are enjoying a new life in Sioux Falls. As leader in his local church, Felix is giving back to the community.

Felix’s experience of resurrecting hope to fulfill a future of success and not of suffering is one of many experiences to be shared by all those served through LSS.

The pregnant teenager scared and alone, the couple contemplating divorce as the only solution to their fighting, the widower suffering from isolation and loneliness. The promise of a future without suffering may seem beyond their reach.

Your support resurrects that promise. It is what the LSS Campaign for Hope is all about.


Resettlement is an action that changes people physically, mentally and even spiritually. LSS brought back something in me that was dead. You resurrected my hope. May God bless you!
Felix Ngirabkunzi, former refugee
LSS Center for New Americans

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