Congregational Giving Changes Lives

LSS is a supported ministry of the SD Synod of the ELCA. We are YOUR hands doing God's work. Your congregation's support is vital to the work we do - last year we reached 61,144 South Dakotans.

To operate, LSS seeks financial support from a variety of resources such as public fees and grants, United Way funding, individual requests and income from our small foundation. Most clients pay for a portion of the services they receive based on their income. However, there is still a shortfall on what it costs to provide needed services. That is where LSS relies on the strong and traditional partnership with congregations and the Women of the ELCA.

LSS has been your outreach and ministry since its inception. As you know, the Lutheran church started the "Lutheran Welfare League" as its healing hands. Today, Lutheran congregations and WELCAs still play a crucial role in LSS' ability to serve the people of South Dakota. If we do not receive funding from outside sources, we are unable to provide needed services. Won't your congregation help this year? Consider what those dollars did:

  • A young man in residential care learned to accept authority, succeeded in public school, joined a sports team, and served as a mentor to other young former gang members.
  • Through counseling, a woman who went through a particularly rough divorce found peace and hope for the future.
  • A refugee family found a home and people who cared when they arrived.
  • A couple at risk of losing their home, found hope and felt like "300 pounds were lifted from our shoulders" after receiving counseling through Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

We would love to visit with you about LSS services in your area, LSS information you’d like us to provide for your members, how your congregation or WELCA can be involved in supporting LSS or really, anything you'd like to talk about. Just contact us. Together we like to reach all the corners, cities and towns, rural roads, and off-beaten paths of South Dakota to meet the incredible people who support the LSS mission and ministry. We can meet with you for coffee at your church, in town, or you can just call or email us for information.

Southeastern South Dakota 
Jamie Lennon, Development Director
705 E. 41st Street, Suite 200 Sioux Falls, SD 57105
800-568-2401 ext. 7502 or 605-444-7502 local

Northeastern South Dakota
Liesl Hovel, Development Director
110 6th Ave. SE, Suite 200 Aberdeen, SD 57401-6266
800-584-9248 or 605-262-6300 local

Western South Dakota
Jessica Lillebo, Development Director
2920 Sheridan Lake Road Rapid City, SD 57702
800-260-1439 or 791-6700 local

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