How will being Foster Parents affect our other children?

LSS Foster Care Services
Chelsie Ogaard, Director

When people are considering becoming foster parents, there are a lot of questions.  One of those questions is how adding children to their home will affect their family including any children already in the home.  Thank you to one of our current foster parents for sharing their insight on this topic.

People wonder how foster care will impact their other children. They’ll be impacted, for sure, but probably in different ways than you think.

They’ll become people who dive right in and lavish love on every child who comes through the door, regardless of story or timeline. The concept of withholding love because the situation is temporary will be entirely foreign and unimaginable to them.

They’ll come to appreciate the value and worth of every single person, regardless of circumstances or choices, and the importance of showing love to people without asking whether they deserve it.

They’ll witness and experience trauma and brokenness and heartbreak, and learn to sacrifice some of their own desires and personal comfort to walk beside people walking their hardest days.

They’ll learn they’re far more capable of doing hard things than they ever imagined.

They’ll learn the peace of walking in obedience to God, who by calling their parents to this foster care life, has called them also.

Some may wonder if it’d be better if our kids didn’t know what they know. We’ve intentionally invited heartbreak into our family, and the result is that our children are aware of the suffering and need that’s all around us. They’re developing the skills to respond with grace and compassion and love. It isn’t right for everyone, of course, but foster care is absolutely the right choice for us and our family.

-submitted by a foster parent

LSS offers free informational meetings regarding the process to become foster or adoptive parents. For more information about becoming a foster parent in Rapid City, contact Chelsie Ogaard at or call 605-791-6730; in Sioux Falls contact Jill Jensen at LSS at"> or call 605-221-2346.

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