POET Employee Sees Value in Mentoring

LSS Mentoring Services
Michelle Madsen, Director

Mentors who are matched with the same student for several years often talk about the best thing about being in a long-term mentoring relationship is seeing the evolution of their student. Autumn Bates is no different.


“Mentoring is such a great program,” said Autumn. “My student has evolved a lot since we met. At first we colored and played board games and now we talk about life and her future.”

Autumn, who works at POET, is matched with Abbie, an 8th grader at Patrick Henry Middle School. They have been together for five years and plan to continue next year as Abbie enters high school.

Some memories that stick out for Abbie are when the two created their own maze and that every year, Autumn and her take a picture together. “There are so many memories with her,” said Abbie. “I have grown a lot since elementary school.”

Abbie said that she wanted a mentor when she attended school at Terry Redlin. In 4th grade, she transferred to Horace Mann and was matched with Autumn. “It’s so easy to talk to her,” said Abbie. “I have friends who are there for me, but they don’t always have advice to help.”

The notion of seeing a student evolve is also one that is important to Abbie. When asked what she would say to a friend about getting a mentor, Abbie said, “I would strongly advise them to start. I would encourage people to start young because your relationship builds.”

Autumn and Abbie have a strong foundation, but are eager for the future. “I am excited to see what she wants from life,” said Autumn. “I want to see what makes her happy and see her do that.” When imagining her future, Abbie is optimistic. “I know I have a lot of options,” said Abbie.

Thanks to the LSS USucceed Program, Autumn and Abbie will be able to continue to meet throughout high school and receive added support from LSS. If you are mentoring a current 8th grader and would like to continue to meet with your student in high school, or if you would like to mentor a high school student now, please contact us.

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