2018-19 Outstanding Mentor Nominees

LSS Mentoring Services
Michelle Madsen, Director

Hope Grows Through Mentoring, graphic of tree and event date Friday April 12, 7:30 am.

Each spring, LSS Mentoring Services recognizes volunteers that have gone above and beyond in their role as a mentor. This year, there are seven amazing mentors who are in the running to be the 2018-19 Outstanding Mentor. The award, sponsored by Citi, will be presented at the 18th Annual LSS Mentor Appreciation Breakfast on Friday, April 12.

The nominees are…

John Bultsma, Terry Redlin, Retired

John believes every kid is one caring adult away from being a success. He recognizes the needs of his student and does his best to meet them. His student says, “he helps me so I don’t get in trouble as much.”

Bill Green, Patrick Henry, Retired

Bill has mentored at Patrick Henry for 14 years. He is matched with at least three students (oftentimes 4 or 5) and visits with each individually. His positive energy

helps his students make better choices and stand up for themselves.

Bret Halle, Roosevelt (USucceed), Retired

Mentor and his student standing by a bench they built together.

Bret Halle and his student.

Bret is a great teacher and motivator for his student. He has initiated many projects with his student- including refurbishing a bench and picnic table. Bret and his student have an amazing bond that will last a lifetime.

Pierce Johnson, John Harris, Results Radio

Pierce cares for his student unconditionally and is at school just for him. Pierce has been consistent, patient, positive and the hard work Pierce has done to prove trustworthy has paid off.

Jim Roddel, McGovern/Roosevelt (USucceed), Auto Body Specialties

Jim mentors two students and has been with each one for several years. He is a dedicated and stable mentor, and his promise to be there for his students for as long as they like is one he intends to keep.

Lee Stadem, Edison, Retired

Lee and his student have a 77 year age gap that has proven to be a wonderful gift. Lee shows his student that age is just a number and his student shows him just how wonderful a young man this age can be.

Bob Thimjon, Hayward, The Ramkota Company

Bob demonstrates commitment, kindness and an easy-going personality that have been a blessing to his student. His student's mom recently reached out to thank Bob for the time and interest he has given her son.

To read about the 2017-18 Outstanding Mentor, go here.

Stay tuned to see who was selected as the recipient this year! And if you’d like to someday be considered as an outstanding mentor, please consider applying today!


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