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Michelle Madsen, Director

Each year, LSS Mentoring Services welcomes over 250 new volunteer mentors. They are all excited and eager to start. Some make a strong connection right away, and those are deserving of an Outstanding Rookie Mentor nomination. Next Friday, April 12, LSS will announce this years winner. Read about the incredible nominees below:

Hope Grows Through Mentoring, graphic of tree and event date, Friday, April 12, 7:30 am.

Denet Christopher, Anne Sullivan, Wells Fargo

Denet shares a common history with his student, and benefited from a mentor himself. His goal is to make his student feel more comfortable. The students counselor said you can tell Denet is invested in his commitment.

Krisztian Fasi, Garretson (USucceed), USD Student

Krisztian drives 84 miles one way to mentor. He has learned about small town South Dakota life while impacting his student. His student has found a nicer, kinder balance while keeping his identity because of Krisztian.

Ciara Millikan, Oscar Howe, Sanford Health

As a past mentee, Ciara brings a unique perspective that helps her connect with her student. Her students foster mom reports that someone showing genuine interest is not common for this student and is very meaningful.

Debra Nelson, Horace Mann/Hawthorne, Retired

Debra mentors two students. She was able to offer more than one hour per week to her Horace Mann student as an incentive for positive behaviors. Her student has worked harder in school after meeting Debra.

Tammy Shonrock, Patrick Henry, Sioux Falls Federal Credit Union

Tammy’s positive and outgoing personality is truly what makes her a great mentor. She is creative, bringing in crafts, adult coloring books and 3-D puzzles during her time. She is a bright spot in her students week!

Scott Splett, Hayward, Omega Quant Analytic

The best method to get Scott’s student focused in the classroom is to simply put a sticky note with “Scott” written on it on his desk. That shows the importance he has on this  young man! This student asked when Scott would be there three times within the first hour of school this fall!

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Congrats to all of the nominees! To read about the winner last year (who is still mentoring), click here. If you would like to apply to be a mentor, there is still time to get started this school year! Apply today and meet your student before they are out for summer break.

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