Adult English Learners Share Input to Programming during Survey Day

LSS Center for New Americans
Laura Smith-Hill, ESL Program Coordinator

180 Adult English Learners Share Input to Programming during Survey Day 2019


Our Nepali-Speaking Center for New Americans Staff Facilitate a Student Survey Day discussion

In one day, our Center for New Americans team of hard-working teachers, caseworkers and interpreters joined together to survey 180 of our adult English language students in one amazing day!

In addition to facilitating staff support for students to complete the annual online client satisfaction survey, we facilitate a culturally and linguistically appropriate opportunity for our student body to discuss and share feedback about our CNA Adult Education Program.

Most of our learners come from collectivist cultures where decisions are made in the community. We mirror this cultural practice by facilitating small, first-language discussion groups where an interpreter or leader in the group leads a discussion and takes notes for our staff to learn from, so we can better serve our students. We ask them to share what is working well for them and for specific things that we can do differently in the classroom and as a program to help them to the very best of our ability!

Learning at the Center for New Americans also happens in the community and takes a shared effort. While our students learn from us every day, we are continually learning from the ideas and rich experiences of our adult learners from around the world.


CNA Program Instructors Assist Students with the Online Survey

Here are just a few interesting examples of our students’ survey responses.

What problems do you have about living in America?

  • The cold
  • Snow
  • I want to know about the culture. In the short time I have lived here, I have learned a lot from YouTube. I have learned a lot here. We started in class 1 and now we are in classes 3 and 4. We don’t have problems here. The people in Sioux Falls are very helpful. It’s incredible!

 What is good about this school? Please be specific.

  • We are treated well. We feel comfortable here.
  • I love my teachers. They are good listeners. They are good teachers with good techniques. They are patient.
  • Teachers and job classes are good. Teachers are warm, build relationships. I really like to study here.
  • They are kind, helpful, respectful. We love Lutheran Social Service for giving such teacher. Thanks for your service.

What do you think of your teachers at LSS?

  • Excellent, for me they are excellent. They help me a lot. They have been very patient with me. They are well educated.
  • They are excellent people. Very respectful, very organized.

How can we improve our services?

  • Keep going all teachers. God bless you.
  • We want coffee because we’re cold.

Staff Facilitate Surveys in Swahili 

By Laura Smith-Hill, ESL Program Coordinator

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