Mentoring because someone mentored me

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Michelle Madsen, Director

A goal almost every mentor has (and maybe has not thought about) is that one day the student they are mentoring will mentor another child. Ashley DeMent is doing that. She recalls her 5th-grade teacher being a great mentor to her. Ashley is still in touch with that special teacher and is part of the reason why she became a mentor.

Ashley has been with Neveah, who is now in 7th grade at Patrick Henry, for the past five years. In that time, they have been to four different schools. This is the first time Neveah can remember being at the same school two years in a row. Through all the changes, Ashley has been there. “One of the biggest values of mentoring is having one person students can count on to see every week,” said Ashley.

For Neveah, mentoring provides a fun way to hang out. They like to talk and walk around the school, look at books and in the past, played a lot of games. They were both nervous when they started. Ashley, who had no kids of her own and no experience with kids, was not sure what to expect. She was happy that Neveah broke the ice first.

“I was just happy to get a mentor,” said Neveah. “I had been asking for one for a while when we started.” Throughout the years they have met, they have learned that they are both animal lovers and often talk about their pets. Most of all, they enjoy their conversation and sharing a lot of laughs.

If you would like to honor your mentor by paying it forward, please consider applying to be an LSS Mentor today! Contact us for more information.

Post by Michelle Madsen

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