STEP Class Gettin’ to Work

LSS Center for New Americans
Lindy Obach, ESL Instructor

Teacher Carol is our resident STEP class teacher here at the Center for New Americans. STEP classes, or Skills That Employ People classes, are offered once or twice a month and range in everything from intro to patient care to housekeeping. In June, the class was all about general manufacturing, where students learned the vocabulary and expectations of a manufacturing or assembly line job.

STEP Class Gettin to Work

2 students enjoy ice cream for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Teacher Carol says, “I love teaching these classes — mainly because it’s an instant reward if the students get a job, which happens way more often than not.” As Carol was teaching this class, she learned that some of her African students have NEVER tasted ice cream! She remedied that right away and had an ice cream party!

To teach the students assembly line and quality control skills, Carol and CNA staff supplied sandwich materials, and the students put together delicious sandwiches for us to share! What a fun class!

The CNA tailors the STEP classes to specific industries, and we’re always excited to work with area businesses. For more information about this, please call Education Program Coordinator Laura Smith-Hill at 605-731-2000.

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