Meet the Mentoring Match: Kyle and Max

LSS Mentoring Services
Michelle Madsen, Director

Nearly every Thursday, you could find Kyle Beck eating lunch with Max, a soon-to-be 4th grader at RF Pettigrew Elementary. Kyle, who has young children of his own and works full time at Daktronics as a Project Manager, enjoys mentoring at Pettigrew. “I really like being part of the school community here. The staff here is always happy to have volunteers here and they are so thankful.”









Max enjoys meeting with Kyle because they like to “talk about random stuff.” He also really likes when their conversation steers towards video games! Max says, “He’s awesome. We get to play games.”

Kyle appreciates that Max is always so willing to try new things. “Max is such a good sport,” said Kyle. To illustrate this point, Kyle said that he brought a large puzzle of the US. Max did not seem excited about the puzzle, but he reluctantly agreed to try it out. After working on it for three weeks, the puzzle was complete. He has also tried learning chess and even tries the food on his tray that might not be a favorite or get a taste of something from Kyle’s lunch he brings from home each week.

Kyle said he heard about mentoring from a colleague. “She really enjoyed mentoring and thought it would be a good fit for me,” said Kyle. “I want to volunteer but having a family it’s hard to find the time. Mentoring is a great fit.” What keeps him coming back is a great relationship, which is a win-win for both of them. Max says, “Having a mentor makes me happy.”

If you’re interested in mentoring, please apply today. Now is a great time to volunteer!

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