Free Credit Basics Course to Be Offered, August 25, 2016

Center for Financial Resources and Siouxland Libraries – Ronning Brand Partner

LSS Center for Financial Resources and the Ronning Branch of the Siouxland Libraries are partnering to offer a free, one-hour class on the basics of credit. The class will be 7 pm on Thursday, September 1 at the Ronning Branch of the Siouxland Libraries.

Covering information on credit reports and scores, the class will also give tips on improving a person’s credit score. There will be time for questions and answers.

Often, people assume their credit history only matters when they are applying for a loan or making a large purchase. However, the impact is so broad that federal law dictates each person is allowed at least one free copy of each of three credit reports per year. The class will look at where to get those reports and what to do with them.

Anyone interested in attending the class should contact the Ronning Branch library at 605-367-8140 to register. While there is no cost, this will help assure enough materials are available for class participants.

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