LSS Center for Financial Resources Awarded $5,000 Grant from Wells Fargo Housing Foundation, June 22, 2017

Funding may be used to provide homebuyer education seminars, pre-purchase counseling and foreclosure counseling.

LSS Center for Financial Resources has received a $5,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Housing Foundation.

“Many individuals and families we work with report stress and anxiety over the finances of home purchase and maintenance. This grant will help us continue to educate and serve those who are working to define what ‘home’ is across Eastern South Dakota,” says Breck Miller, Community Relations Coordinator for the Center for Financial Resources.

Homebuyer education provides information and resources regarding purchasing and owning a home. Topics include: personal money management, credit history review, mortgage financing and the loan process, shopping for a house, homeowner responsibilities and predatory lending awareness.

In pre-purchase counseling sessions, a certified counselor works with consumers to explore the dream of making home ownership a reality in a confidential setting. After evaluating the consumer’s financial picture including a monthly spending plan, current debt, assets/liabilities and the needs of the household, the sessions may include discussions on credit reports, individual budget and affordability considerations as well as additional counseling support as needed until savings and/or debt reduction goals are met.

Foreclosure counseling sessions are intended for homeowners who are delinquent or are at risk of becoming delinquent on their monthly mortgage payments. Homeowners receive information on establishing a budget, setting priorities, and determining the appropriate strategy to help keep their property and/or understand their options. This includes discussion on the consequences of default and foreclosure, loss mitigation options, debt restructuring, and establishing reinstatement plans.

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