Student Loans

Choosing the best options for your student loan debt can range from merely confusing to downright complex. Whether you are looking for quick, online answers to your questions or a full game plan for your student debt and finances, we have the services and expertise to guide you.

Help Yourself

Get free and easy access to trusted resources for making your own repayment adjustment decisions. Access:

Student Loan Bootcamp

Student Loan Bootcamp is an educational seminar designed to help student loan borrowers take control of their loans. Participants will learn how to locate their loans, identify payment options, and learn about loan forgiveness programs. The class will give participants the tools to move forward in handling their own student loans, or help them better prepare for a Student Loan Consultation.

Cost for the class is $20.

Student Loan Consultation

A Student Loan Consultation is a one-on-one session that helps clients understand loan balances, repayment options and how reporting of student loans affects credit scores. This session can be completed in person or over the phone. 

An NFCC® Certified Student Loan Counselor can answer questions about student loan payments, aid you in proactively managing your debt load, and assist you with identifying and resolving reporting errors. During your session, the counselor will:

  • confidentially and thoroughly review your financial situation, including all income, living expenses and debt
  • answer questions
  • discuss options for student loans and repayment status

The cost for a Student Loan Consultation is $150.

This interactive website will help you create your profile, gather information about your personal and financial situation, and upload information about your Federal Student Loans from the National Student Loan Database. Once your profile is complete, a representative will contact you to schedule your Student Loan Consultation. You can also reach out to us at 605-330-2700 or toll free at 888-258-2227 to schedule.

Why Pay for Student Loan Counseling?

The government does not charge you a fee to apply for Federal Student Loan Programs yourself (much like filing your own taxes). We know that the process can be confusing, so we offer our LSS financial services and expertise for a fee. Similar to paying a tax preparer – you could do them yourself at no cost, but you may choose to get help from a qualified student loan counseling professional.

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