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Curricula & Descriptions for Ages 10-14

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This curriculum is geared towards adolescents ages 10-14 and teaches abstinence as the surest way to prevent teen pregnancy and STDs. MAD focuses on
goal setting, decision-making skills, the basics of puberty, how to respond to peer or partner pressure, as well as refusal and negotiation skills. After eight one-hour classes, participants who attend this course will understand how to adopt less risky behaviors and will build the confidence needed to abstain from sexual behaviors.


A brief individual or small group parent-based intervention to prevent/reduce adolescent sexual risk behaviors includes face-to-face parent sessions with facilitators, focused on parent-adolescent communication, monitoring and supervision, and relationship-building activities. After a two-hour class, parents will gain the skills to talk to their children about sexual decision-making, with the intent of delaying too-early sexual activity and reducing the frequency of adolescent sexual intercourse. A follow-up class is held to check on progress, answer questions, and provide additional training.

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