Getting Started

Step One: Pregnancy Counseling

  • Contact LSS online or by phone to set up an appointment. If there is not a LSS office in your town, please call our Sioux Falls office and we will have a trained counselor travel to your area.
  • Meet with a trained counselor who will assist you in looking at all your options.
  • Get good prenatal care.

Step Two: Make a decision that is right for you and your baby.

If you choose to parent...

  1. get connected with resources.
  2. continue counseling appointments with your counselor.

If you choose adoption...

  1. you may select an adoptive family from our profile book.
  2. meet the adoptive family if you wish.
  3. along with the adoptive family, decide on the level of contact you would like.
  4. continue counseling appointments with your counselor.

Step Three: Following through with your decision.

  • Complete the various forms needed.
  • Meet with other birth mothers who have made adoption plans.
  • Create a memory book for your child.
  • Call your counselor when you enter the hospital for delivery.
  • Fill out all the legal papers.
  • Go to court to complete relinquishment (no sooner than five days after the baby is born).
  • Continue to participate in post-placement counseling.
  • Continue to build relationship with adoptive family.
  • Consider becoming a mentor for other birth mothers.

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