Arise Youth Center

LSS provides alternatives to detention for youth in Minnehaha and Pennington County. This includes a Reception Center where law enforcement can transport youth to wait in a safe environment to be picked up by a parent or approved adult. Reception Center staff complete screenings and offer resources to the youth and their parent or guardian.

When being released back home to a parent or guardian isn’t an immediate option, one recommendation may be Shelter Care. Shelter Care provides temporary care and is an alternative to going into a secure detention facility if the youth does not require that level of service.

Shelter Care is a short term group care facility, 30 days or less, that assists youth and their parent or guardian through a screening process to identify needs and community resources along with a discharge plan in collaboration with the court system.

The Arise Youth Center Reception Center and Shelter Care programs are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year round. The Evening Report Center, ERC, is an alternative to detention that allows youth to remain in the community while receiving additional services.

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