Foster Care FAQs

  • Who are foster care familiesFoster families are people who enjoy parenting and who are willing to share their homes, time, energy, and love with children who are separated from their families

  • Is there a cost to be a foster parentThere is no monetary cost to become a foster parent. Foster parents are reimbursed for room, board, and level of care. However, there is a commitment of your time for training and care for the children.

  • Are you a part of the foster care placement processThrough the training and home study process, a social worker will assist you in identifying your strengths as a foster family to match those with the needs of a potential foster child. At the time of referral, the foster family receives information on the child to determine if he/she is a child they could care for.

  • What is the role of the LSS social worker in the foster care placementThe social workers at LSS are responsible for
    - Training of foster parents
    - Licensing foster parents
    - Presenting referrals to foster parents
    - Supervising the foster care placements
    - Coordinating services for the foster child
    - Developing treatment plan for the child in conjunction with the foster parent, child, parent/legal guardian
    - Ensuring foster parents receive support services

  • How are the child's medical expenses handledIn the majority of situations, Medicaid covers medical, dental and visual needs of the foster children. The foster family is not responsible for a foster child's medical expenses.

  • What is the foster parent's role in working with the child's birth parentsThe LSS social worker, the foster parents, and the legal guardian determine the amount of contact and involvement with the birth family.

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