Become a Mentor Today

44% of Americans aren't mentoring yet, but are willing to consider it.

When thinking about mentoring youth, it’s important to know what to expect. LSS walks you through the entire process and is always available for support and guidance as you develop your mentoring relationship. We invite you to take the first step and apply today. 

44% of Americans aren't mentoring yet, but are willing to consider it. Here’s how it works.

  • Step 1: Application

    Complete an application. Please be sure to complete all blanks on the application before submitting. Printed applications are available upon request.

  • Step 2: Background Screening

    To ensure student safely, all applicants must successfully complete a background screen. This includes a criminal records check, outstanding warrants check and personal reference checks. Volunteers are then sent an email indicating that they have cleared the application process and are ready for training. Additional screening is required for mentors meeting outside of school.

  • Step 3: Training

    Mentors must attend a two-hour training and orientation session before their first interaction with the student. This is an informative session that prepares everyone for success.

  • Step 4: Matching & Meeting

    Depending on the program, matching might be done by the school or LSS. In each instance, care and consideration is given to make the match be successful. For mentors meeting outside of school, LSS will set up an initial meeting between the mentor, child, parent and program staff.

  • Step 5: Mentoring

    Matches work together to decide what they will do at each meeting. Throughout the mentoring process, LSS will be there to help and provide additional support.

Be a mentor and help a child. Here’s what some have said about their mentoring experience.

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