Become a Sponsor

When your business, congregation or family becomes a sponsor, you–

  • Welcome refugees into our community, providing support as they rebuild their lives.
  • Surround these New Americans with helping hands, security and understanding in order to promote healthy social and cultural adjustment.
  • Assist and mentor refugees to become self-reliant.

To learn about how you can help sponsor a newly-arriving family, contact:
LSS Center for New Americans
114 S. Main Ave., Ste. 100, Sioux Falls, SD  57104-6410

Levels of Sponsorship

Full Sponsors will:

  • Greet the family at the airport.
  • Set up their home.
  • Provide for rent and utilities for four months.
  • Orient the family to the community.
  • Practice English with the family.
  • Assist in job placement.

Partial Sponsors will do any of the following:

  • Provide rent or cash assistance for a family for one to four months.
  • Provide furnishings for an apartment.
  • Provide mentors to assist the family in social, cultural and community adjustment.

The LSS Center for New Americans will:

  • Present the sponsorship program and answer questions.
  • Provide sponsorship training.
  • Provide ongoing support for sponsors and refugee families.
  • Provide case management and employment services for the family.
  • Provide English Language Training.

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